Becoming Real - Spectre EP
Label: Not Even
What's this, then?! Becoming Real follow smart drops for Ramp and Lo Fi Funk with an 8-bit Grime killer featuring Trim and backed with remix from DJ Rashad! The lead cut 'Like Me' owes as much to Wiley as it does Zomby, arranging optimized bleeps inna cold Eski mix style assisted by typically brilliant bars from Trim. 'Showdown In Chinatown' follows on a more abstract sino-grime tip with trickling melody and bristling, brittle electro rhythms, and again authenticated by Trim. On remix duties Rashad ups the ante with a pounding 160bpm Juke version, next to an instrumental of 'Showdown In Chinatown'. Comes with free digital download coupon redeemable from the label, and recommendations to any fans of Zomby, DVA, or DJ Roc!

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